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Sweet wines

3 Great styles of sweet Spanish wine that you must try

What do you know about sweet Spanish wine? For many wine lovers, their knowledge of sweet wine starts and finishes in France with Sauternes. Some may go a little further and mention Port wine in Portugal. These are great wines, unique and distinctive in their own right. But they only tell a little bit of […]

Moscato wines are quite intimidating

Moscato wine dates back to a phrase termed as Muscat which stands for lavish and unique types of grapes that are used to produce the wine. These grapes are exhibited in different colors such as yellow and white among others. They are grown in Spain. Moscato wine has been around for about seven years now. […]

Malaga wine: An Introduction

The region of Malaga is perhaps best known as a tourist destination, but did you know that they also make wine there? Malaga wine is a sweet dessert wine and usually comes from the Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel grapes. In addition to the sweet wines from the Malaga DO, the region produces dry white, red […]

Tokaj and Puttonyos

If you ever have experienced the sensation of tasting a Tokaji, you would have seen that within the same trademark we can set up differences by means of the Puttonyos. Do you really know the reason? Tokaji wine is produced in the region of Tokaj-Hegyalja, placed between Hungary and Slovakia. This type of wine is […]