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The Veuve Clicquot gift box: Why is it so popular?

If you’ve ever received a Veuve Clicquot gift box from a friend or loved one, you surely remember it. Of all the Champagne houses, Veuve Clicquot’s brand identity may be the most instantly recognisable. From its base in Reims, this top Champagne is well-known throughout the wine-loving world. From its very inception and the influence […]

Forget Canti Prosecco, drink value Champagne instead!

Sparkling wine lovers may know and enjoy Canti Prosecco, but we’ve got good news: You can do better! OK, let’s be fair: Canti’s not bad, but it really doesn’t satisfy the needs of the adventurous wine lover. The main positive point when it comes to Canti and lots of other Prosecco is the price: Canti Prosecco […]

Drink in the History of Piper Heidsieck Brut

Every time you’re drinking Piper-Heidsieck Brut, you’re drinking history. It’s a firm that’s over 200 years old, and its Champagne has been drunk by royalty, film stars and the world’s wealthy. You’re in good company. And it all started in France during the reign of Louis XVI.

How food-friendly is Brut Nature Cava?

Cava, Spain’s favourite sparkling wine, is a great choice for food and wine pairings. This traditional method sparkling wine is well known throughout the world, and makes a valid alternative to Champagne and Prosecco. As wine lovers get more and more adventurous, they start to move away from the more traditional choices when it comes […]

Head to head: Rivamonte Prosecco vs. Freixenet Cava

Ever had Rivamonte Prosecco? This style of light and refreshing sparkling wine has taken the world by storm, and no supermarket wine section or restaurant wine list is complete now without at least a bottle of Prosecco. People like Prosecco because it’s straightforward, simple and – let’s face it – cheap. It’s true, bottles like […]

Gosset Champagne is the oldest house in Aÿ – but is it the best?

Gosset Champagne has the distinction of being the oldest Champagne house in Aÿ. Founded in 1584, Gosset Champagne initially made red wine and started to make sparkling Champagne in the 1700s. With quite good reason, the house is held in high esteem amongst its neighbouring establishments in the commune of Aÿ.

Cava and Beyond: Discover Spanish Sparkling Wines

Cava is Spain’s foremost sparkling wine. The vineyards of the Cava DO cover a large part of Spain’s growing land, though are concentrated in Catalunya. Recognisable brands like Arrestel Cava, Juvé y Camps Cava, and even Muga Rioja take pride of place in the Spanish sparkling wine section of wine shops throughout the world. So […]