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What is the best red wine in the world?

Wine is a beautiful thing, in large part because it’s subjective. Each of us is unique, and so too is the way we approach, interpret and appreciate wine. Enjoying wine can be as structured as a formal wine tasting, or as simple as enjoying a glass over conversation with friends. Taste preferences and perceptions vary […]

5 great value vino tinto wines guaranteed to please a crowd

Some wine terms are a little tricky to get your head around. “Brut Champagne” is one, and “Tokaji Puttonyos” is certainly another. Wine isn’t rocket science, but there are certainly some terms that are trickier than others. One deceptively simple term is “vino tinto”. Simply put, vino tinto is the Spanish term for red wine. […]

Five Rioja Crianza wines you really must try

Rioja wines are some of our very favourites. Through masterful blending of different grape varieties and careful, time-honoured ageing techniques, Rioja produces a wide range of different styles. Surely every wine lover can find something to suit their palate from this region: whether that’s a zippy young Joven red wine, a barrel-aged white, a mature […]

Shiraz Cabernet and other powerful red wine blends

We know that wine comes from grapes, and we know many of those grapes by name. Wines can either be single varietals, where the wine in the bottle will be entirely made up of one type of grape, or a blend of two or more grape varieties.

Vina Ardanza Reserva: Wines to Choose if You Love Chocolate

Wine producers are magicians really. How else do you explain how wine can taste like a myriad other things; almonds, lemons, pineapple, smoke, cherries, vanilla, tobacco… the list goes on. It’s nothing short of modern day wizardry. But how about chocolate? It’s pretty rare to find a wine which tastes of chocolate.

Savour award winning Vina Ardanza

Who would not want to enjoy a bottle of Viña Ardanza? The award winner ‘Vina Ardanza’ comes from La Rioja Alta, Spain. In 2015, The Wall Street Journal named Vina Ardanza as one of the six wines that are a must to be included in every private cellar. The La Rioja Alta located in Rioja […]

El Coto Rioja and the best value Tempranillo wines

Tempranillo wines from Spain are very popular. You can get Tempranillo wine from Rioja, Ribera del Duero and other Spanish wine regions that are made in a multitude of styles and quality levels. The Tempranillo grape is very versatile and responds well to oak ageing, such as in the Rioja region. Such wines can be […]

Marqués de Caceres and other great Rioja brands

Rioja is a world famous wine region, and rightly so. It produces some truly excellent wines in many different styles. There are wine producers, big and small, making some truly excellent Rioja wine at all levels including Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva. Rioja wines are common in wine shops, supermarkets, wine bars and restaurant wine […]