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3 reasons to try Viña Ardanza Reserva

Viña Ardanza Reserva is one of our favourite Rioja Reserva wines, and we’re pretty sure that you’ll love it too. You could just take our word for it, but that’s not how we like to do things. Instead, we’ve thought (and tasted) long and hard, and come up with three reasons that you should really […]

The Veuve Clicquot gift box: Why is it so popular?

If you’ve ever received a Veuve Clicquot gift box from a friend or loved one, you surely remember it. Of all the Champagne houses, Veuve Clicquot’s brand identity may be the most instantly recognisable. From its base in Reims, this top Champagne is well-known throughout the wine-loving world. From its very inception and the influence […]

Siglo Rioja: Is there a better wine bargain out there?

Siglo Rioja just might be the best value wine that money can buy. There’s a wine out there to suit every budget. Some people like to spend hundreds – or thousands – of euro per bottle. If you’re one of them, and you can afford it, then more power to you! Grab that bottle of […]

Can you still buy sack wine?

“Sack wine” is one of those funny old wine terms that pops up now and again, and is largely misunderstood. The history of sack wine goes back to somewhere around the 1500s, and the phrase pops up in history books and import/export documents alike. Sack wine in the classical sense is no longer available, though. […]

Forget Canti Prosecco, drink value Champagne instead!

Sparkling wine lovers may know and enjoy Canti Prosecco, but we’ve got good news: You can do better! OK, let’s be fair: Canti’s not bad, but it really doesn’t satisfy the needs of the adventurous wine lover. The main positive point when it comes to Canti and lots of other Prosecco is the price: Canti Prosecco […]

3 wines to drink instead of Piedra del Rayo Rioja

Piedra del Rayo Rioja is a popular, easy-to-drink Spanish wine. You may know it, you may even love it. It’s inexpensive, it’s fruity and it tastes good. Those are all good points when it comes to picking a wine, for sure, but we think we can do better. The wine world is big, and there […]

Vega Sicilia Único: Is it worth the money?

Vega Sicilia Único is one of Spain’s most iconic wines, and is considered by many to be the best red wine in the world. Sounds good, right? The one thing to keep in mind before picking up a case or two is that Vega Sicilia Único does not exactly come cheap. This is not an […]