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How Long Does Sherry Last If Not Drunk Immediately?

How long does sherry last if not drunk immediately? … What a curious question. It suggests that there are actually real people out there who don’t drink sherry until it’s gone whenever it’s available. Oh well – such a person might theoretically exist. This article is for anyone who wonders how long their sherry will keep […]

Understanding medium dry Sherry and other fortified wine terms

Fortified wines are often a little tricky to understand. Labels are complicated and often bear unfamiliar, foreign-language terms that mean little to the average consumer: Just what is “medium dry Sherry”, for example? There are complex methods of production including highly specialised ageing and maturation. Store shelves have historically been dominated by large brands, such […]

Five Kinds of Sherry for Five Different People

There really is a sherry out there for everyone. You just need to find the style that suits you best, and the occasions in your life. Once you do, a whole world of delicious flavours opens up. So, here’s the profile of five modern sherries for five modern lives, who you might recognise yourself in.

The 5-minute guide to understanding Port: Grape varieties

Port wine is arguably the world’s favourite fortified wine. Despite its popularity, Port remains something of a mystery to many wine lovers. There are a lot of variables in Port production that make it such a unique drink, and one important aspect of that is the grape varieties used. This quick guide will get you […]

3 Reasons to drink more fortified wine

The world of wine is beautifully diverse. So diverse, in fact, that it’s virtually impossible to ever taste – let alone understand – everything. Master Sommeliers, Masters of Wine, and other diehard professionals spend their entire careers at it and may not come close. Where, then, does that leave the average wine lover?

6 Ideas for cooking with Bristol Cream Sherry

Most serious cooks use Sherry as a versatile ingredient in all sorts of dishes. A wide range of recipes call for a splash of Sherry here or there. Sherry, the common name for the fortified wines of Spain’s Jerez region, comes in a variety of styles from very dry to very sweet. It’s important to […]

Is Moscatel wine always sweet?

What do you know about Moscatel wine? You may have seen bottles of this on store shelves or even on wine lists. It is not a particularly well understood wine, so to better understand it let’s take a look at its origins.

The finest Pedro Ximénez money can buy

Regular readers of this blog will know that we love Sherry, and that we like to extol its virtues at every possible opportunity. It’s not just another fortified wine: From its distinctive sense of place, its unique ageing and the sheer range of flavours and styles on offer, Sherry has a lot to offer the […]