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All about Lustau Sherry (and brandy)

Have you tried Lustau Sherry? The Lustau brand comes from well known Jerez wine producer Emilio Lustau and includes both Sherry wine and Spanish brandy. Whether it’s a Lustau Sherry or brandy that you’re after, there is something in the range to suit every taste. This quick guide will tell you everything you need to know […]

How Do You Find a Dark Sherry at a Reasonable Price

Price is one of the reasons you have to sip sherry. Not wanting to be hospitalised is another, but we would all finish our bottles faster if we knew we could inexpensively pick up another good batch. It’s even worse with dark sherry, which are usually more expensive. But help is at hand, as our […]

VDN: The best Muscat drink you’ve never heard of

Does the name vin doux naturel ring a bell? If you’re a fortified wine fan, you want to be all over this stuff. Vin doux naturel, or VDN for short, is the best fortified Muscat drink you’ve never heard of. If you like your dessert wine sweet, strong and fruity, this is your thing.

Does Sherry go off?

The question, “Does Sherry go off?” is a common one among wine lovers, and it’s worth addressing here. Sherry, perhaps the world’s best-known fortified wine, is also probably the most widely misunderstood. There are many styles of Sherry, and different styles have different characteristics. From sweet to dry, dark to clear and cheap to very, […]

Forget the Waitrose Sherry: 3 Jerez wines you need to try

You might have a bottle of Waitrose Sherry tucked away in a cupboard somewhere. Maybe you serve it to your grandmother at Christmas, or you splash a little on your midweek stir fry. Perhaps you even drink it. While there’s nothing explicitly wrong with Waitrose Sherry or other supermarket own-brand fortified wines, we’ve got good […]

Tio Pepe Shows Sherry’s Savoury Side

Tio Pepe is a great sherry producer. They have a wonderful range, and are producing some exceptional wines from their base in Jerez, Spain. Yet unlike Harvey’s or Crofts, they’re more well known for their savoury wines. That’s great if you prefer salted almonds to trifle, as savoury sherry can make salty, savoury, umami flavours […]

How Do They Make Pedro Jimenez So Darned Delicious?

Pedro Jimenez is like drinking a liquidised sticky toffee pudding. It’s that good, but unlike a chocolate bar, it has no added sugar. It’s just made from grapes like any other wine. So how on Earth do they make such a flavourful, delicious wine that feels like bungee jumping on your tongue into a vat […]

Can you still buy sack wine?

“Sack wine” is one of those funny old wine terms that pops up now and again, and is largely misunderstood. The history of sack wine goes back to somewhere around the 1500s, and the phrase pops up in history books and import/export documents alike. Sack wine in the classical sense is no longer available, though. […]