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Tonic Water

Fever Tree Premium Lemon

Not long ago we have been talking about the addition of the Fever Tree Mediterranean to the range of products of the Premium Natural Mixer of Fever Tree, and today, just a few weeks afterwards, we must talk about another brand new incorporation: Fever Tree Premium Lemon. The new brand Fever Tree Premium Lemon has […]

Fever Tree Mediterranean

Today we want to let you know something about the new Feve Tree Mediterranean. A tonic water that has been specifically designed in order to be combined with a quality vodka. Vodka will undoubtly become a fashionable spiritous. A wide range of Premium Vodkas have been released for sale recently and now also Fever Tree […]

Premium Tonic Water Touches the Spots Other Brands Cannot

There’s nothing quite like the taste of gin and tonic. It’s an example of where the profile of one drink marries perfectly with the flavours of another at a molecular level to create a totally new taste that’s far better than either of the two alone. Right now, there are many distillers creating unique, premium […]

Britvic, a new tonic water in Spain

For a few weeks now we can find a new English tonic water in the Spanish market: the Britvic. During the last years we have seen a massive introduction of Premium gins. Now it is the turn of the tonic water. This is the case of Britvic, seeking to fill a niche in the market. […]