Today, the Gin and Tonic has a long history and its future, at the moment, seems infinite. The Consumers’ curiosity, a greater knowledge and understanding make perfection the objective to achieve when serving a drink.

A good idea, that can help us make the perfect combination at home, is looking at the herbalist. Indeed, these small, vintage shops, unforgettably scented and profusely visited by past generations, can help us reach perfection when preparing a gin and tonic.

Our proposal is to use the same Botanicals used in the distillation process, add some fruit and thus obtain a quality drink, worthy of the best, fanciest cocktail bars.

These are 10 of the most commonly used spices:

These are the most common examples, now we just need a bit of imagination and desire to find and experience your ideal gin and tonic.

At, we would like to invite you to visit our selection of gin, we are sure you will find the one that best suits your taste!


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