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Airing time, can you aerate a wine in excess?

Yes indeed, a wine can be “over aerated“. There is no certainty as to the exact time required for each bottle oxygenation, as it depends on factors such as the type of wine, vintage and variety. We could say that a young, quality wine with a solid structure can withstand and even benefit from a […]

Why do some wines have sediment?

Sometimes we have found wines with the so well known sediment. Nowadays, there is still the false belief of this wine being of an inferior quality. Some people even disqualify it by stating: “this wine is pure chemistry”. We wish to say that sediment can form naturally since they come from the salts of the […]

Can we drink a red wine chilled?

In different occasions we have seen how two people were beginning a discussion about the matter if we should – or not – take the red wine chilled. First of all, it is necessary to say that one must enjoy the wine just as one most likes it, because, there’s no accounting for tastes. The […]

Educating your nose

Can you recognize wooden, red fruit or toasty aromas in a wine? When wine lovers open a bottle to taste it we hope to find a wide range of aromas ready to stimulate our senses. However, sometimes we realize that our nose cannot detect some of the aromas the way other more experimented people can. […]

When should I decant a wine?

Sometimes, when we open a bottle of wine we wonder whether we should decant it or not. Decanting is a process to physically separate mixtures. At the beginning the decanters where used precisely to separate the solid materials any wine might have. However, it was later on discovered that with this process the wine also […]