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How to present a Champagne bucket like a pro

Serving Champagne professionally takes some serious training and practice. Sommeliers train long and hard in order to get every detail of Champagne service right. When serving Champagne – or any sparkling wine, for that matter – there are many individual steps to take and pieces of equipment to use, including the famous Champagne bucket. It’s […]

How to know if the wine is in good condition before opening the bottle

Many friends and clients send us pictures of some of their aged wines, asking if we can tell if the wine is in good condition for consumption or for sale 😉 Truly, without opening the bottle and tasting wine, it is impossible to determine the suitability of the wine, although we have some tips that […]

Serving wine at the right temperature

The serving temperature of the wine, sparkling wine included, is more important that it may seem. An incorrect temperature varies significantly its phisical characteristics and therefore the final perception of the wine. It has always been said: “white wine is served fresh or cold and red wine at room temperature”. Although partially true, the supposedly […]

Decantation or recast, is it the same?

The wine world is very complex, and often things are unclear. So also with the difference between decanting and recasting. Do you know what are the differences? Do not worry! We help you with these and other questions so that you can become an expert.

Beginner’s Guide to Wine

The wine world is gaining more and more followers, many are already experts or at least know the basic rules. Today, however, we would like to dedicate to the “newcomers”: Selecting the right glass: Each wine has its own glass, but basically, the glasses should be transparent, smooth, and have an elongated shape, so that […]

The sense of smell

At the time of tasting wine, the sense of smell plays a very important role. Without it we could not identify the aromas, flavours and, therefore, it would be impossible to make a credible tasting note. That’s why wine tasters need nose training. We all have retained in memory countless aromas that, quite possibly, we […]

Can you blend the wine?

Today we would like to comment about how would affect the characteristics of two bottles of 750 ml of the same wine, if they blend in a decanter with capacity for 1.5 litres. First of all, it is important to remember some essential concepts about decanting, as for example the different motives that advise the […]

Decanting champagne? The surprise effect

This practice was started by some sommeliers who tried to increase the sweetness of a “demi-sec” champagne by reducing bubbling. Paris is still the city where this is most commonly done so, and this approach has spread throughout the world, and for almost all varieties, styles and ages of champagne. Benefits of decanting champagnes are […]