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The 3 wine tasting glasses you should own

Buying wine tasting glasses is perhaps not the most glamorous aspect of being a wine lover. Shopping for wine glasses is certainly not as much fun as browsing the Rioja or Ribera del Duero sections of your favourite wine store. Make no mistake, though: Glamorous or not, the sort of stemware you taste wine from […]

What is the best red wine in the world?

Wine is a beautiful thing, in large part because it’s subjective. Each of us is unique, and so too is the way we approach, interpret and appreciate wine. Enjoying wine can be as structured as a formal wine tasting, or as simple as enjoying a glass over conversation with friends. Taste preferences and perceptions vary […]

Why Toro wines just taste better from a Toro glass

Toro wines are some of Spain’s most distinctive reds: Powerful, full-bodied and complex, with intense fruit flavours and grippy tannins. Mostly produced from the Tinta de Toro variety, known elsewhere as Tempranillo, the wines nonetheless have a character that is all their own. Toro wines have a unique profile that is entirely different from other […]

How to read restaurant wine lists like a pro

The ritual of selecting a wine from the wine list has many diners a little nervous, if not outright uncomfortable. If you’ve ever had a bad experience – an awkward first date, an embarrassing business dinner or otherwise – then this article is for you. The good news is that the wine list is a […]

How to behave at a wine tasting

Some people take wine very seriously – too seriously, in fact. Such people have a habit of ruining wine for the rest of us, unfortunately. Wine is one of life’s great pleasures, and there is nobody better than a wine snob to suck all the fun out of the wine experience. However, there are some […]

5 wine accessories any wine lover should own

Wine shouldn’t be complicated. Wine should be about pleasure, enjoyment and savouring special moments with friends and family. One can enjoy wine on purely a sensory basis, enjoying what’s in the glass in front of them and enjoying how it tastes. While there is a whole industry solely devoted to wine accessories, a lot of […]

How and why to swirl wine for tasting

It may look cool. But it also serves a purpose. Swirling is an essential part of any wine tasting session, and will also improve the smells and flavour of your wine while drinking at home.

A crash course on making elderberry wine

Have you ever heard of elderberry wine? Unlike most commercially-available wines, it’s not made from grapes. Instead, it’s a fruit wine made from elderberries. Making elderberry wine at home Elderberries occur naturally in the wild and produce very dark and full-flavoured fruit. Handle wild elderberries, and you’ll have purple stained hands before you know it! […]