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Wine Making

Veraison, ripening and harvest

Veraison is the term used in viticulture (wine-growing) to indicate one of the stages in the course of maturing. It is originally French, but has been adopted into English use. It marks the transition between the growth and the ripening of the grape and it can be easily recognized for the change in the colour of […]

The evolution of wine

Until the beginning of the 17th century, wine was in an excellent position to be the only healthy drink, to some extent, worth of being stored. It had no equal. Water, in general, was not suitable for consuption, at least in the cities, and ale varieties, without hops, deteriorated rapidly. There were no spirits, no […]

The capsule and the wine

The wine capsule, as to its origin, history and utility, is one of the most unknown aspects of wine making. The first data regarding this piece goes back to the Middle Ages, when some noble decided to make a control system for the wine stocked in his cellars. At that time it was common for […]

The importance of the barrels

In the past, to keep and preserve the wine, leather and clay amphorae were most commonly used but they transmitted undesired flavours. It is from the Middle Ages that the use of wooden barrels came to be, allowing significant progress. The barrel was invented by the Celts, who used it basically for the transportation of […]

The maturity of the wine

We have often heard from wine professionals expressions as “the point of ripening of the grape” or “ripe grapes.” But how do you actually define the concept of “optimal ripening“? To specify the optimum point in ripening of the grapes is difficult and, as various producers agree on this issue, it depends on the location […]

Oxidation: defect or virtue?

The most common flaw that can be found in many wines is oxidation. There are two types of oxidation: controlled and uncontrolled. In uncontrolled oxidation, oxygen comes into contact with the wine and spoils it, and in the case of white wines, is manifested by premature shades of brown and unpleasant notes on the nose, […]

The miracle of aging

The aging of wine, whether in barrel or bottle, is an essential process to obtain a good stock. Although aging in bottle is not strictly aging but rather a “shaping”, this process allows to smoothen aromas, acidity and tannins. After a long time in the bottle, usually about two years, we obtain the process of […]

Wine aged under the sea. A new frontier for Wine-Producers?

Many already know that wine and whisky bottles rescued from a shipwreck are sold for considerable amounts of money. On Friday, June 8, 11 bottles rescued from a shipwreck 200 years ago in the Baltic Sea (6 bottles of Juglar, 4 Veuve Clicquot and 1 of Piper Heidsieck), were auctioned for 90,000 Pounds. The reason, […]