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Three good reasons to drink non alcoholic wine – honestly!

As a wine lover, it can be difficult to understand why anybody doesn’t drink wine. We’ve all got a friend or family member (or often more than one) that regularly trashes the very idea of wine: “It all tastes the same!”, “It’s too expensive!” or “It’s too pretentious!” are some of the cries that you […]

Why buy a wine making starter kit?

Making wine for a living is a noble pursuit, and there are numerous ways to get into it. Old World countries of Spain, France and Italy have centuries-old traditions of winemaking handed down through generations. New World countries may not have the history, though it is certainly common for wisdom and skills to be exchanged […]

Champagne yeast flavours: Where do they come from?

Champagne is the finest sparkling wine in the world, and truly fine Champagne is some of the finest wine in the world, period. Where do Champagne yeast flavours come from? Champagne is made in different styles by different kinds of producers, and so the resulting bubbly liquid can vary widely in terms of its flavour […]

Oak barrel ageing in wine: What you need to know

If you were to imagine what a wine cellar looks like, what picture comes into your mind? Dusty old bottles? Sure. Big tanks, maybe of concrete or steel? Of course. One image that everybody has, and very few really understand, is that of the oak barrel. What is the oak barrel for, where does it […]

Everything you need to know about the sherry cask

We know what Sherry is, right? Also commonly known as Jerez and Xerez, these fortified Spanish wines come in a multitude of diverse styles from bone dry to delectably sweet. Beyond that, it’s a complex category and one that the average wine lover may not know so much about. One image that many associate with […]

Should you make wine with a seedless grape vine?

We know that wine comes from grapes. We are familiar with many of the most common grape varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. There are many, many more grape varieties that are used in wine. For the most part, these grapes belong to the species vitis vinifera.

Red wine kits: Can you make good wine at home?

We know where wine comes from, right? There’s a vineyard in Spain or in France. They grow some grapes like Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. The grapes are harvested and go to the winery, where they’re sorted and crushed and turned into wine through various fermentation processes. The wine might be aged in oak, though […]

How to make plum wine at home (and what to do with it!)

Making fruit wine at home is a popular pursuit, and making plum wine may be the most popular of them all. Plums are a delicious and versatile fruit for eating and cooking, though for us the best use of plums is in winemaking. The internet has a whole host of recipes and techniques for making […]