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Relax with a harveys bristol cream

Clearly, a British tipple, Harveys Bristol Cream, comparable to other excellent fortified sherries and despite its “old fashioned” reputation has not died but remained religiously steadfast over the years more familiar with the older folk during festive occasions or best served quite chilled as an aperitif before a meal.

Why pale cream sherry is trendy again

Once upon a time, the only occasion to drink pale cream sherry was round at Grandma’s house for Christmas. But this is a drink which has managed to shake off its fusty image in recent years, gaining a legion of younger fans. It may have last been fashionable at around the time of avocado bathroom […]

An introduction to Dry Sack Sherry

How many Sherry brands can you name? For many people, just one: Dry Sack Sherry. Dry Sack is a medium sweet blended Sherry, well known on the shelves of European supermarkets and hypermarkets. Launched in 1906 by Bodegas Williams & Humbert, the brand is an inexpensive introduction to the world of Sherry wines (also known […]

Beyond Croft Sherry: The versatility of Jerez wines

The Spanish wine region of Jerez, commonly referred to as “Sherry”, is capable of producing a surprisingly versatile range of wine styles. For reasons of tradition and perhaps distribution, however, not many people outside the region actually know this. For many, Sherry is exclusively for old women at Christmas time, or a cooking ingredient no […]