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All about Sherry cask whisky

Have you ever tasted a Sherry cask whisky? It is not always easy to find, but it’s worth seeking out. It’s becoming more and more popular in Scotland and Ireland, as well as further afield. Ageing whisky in wine barrels or other wooden vessels is just one of the techniques used by the world’s top […]

Does Sherry go off?

The question, “Does Sherry go off?” is a common one among wine lovers, and it’s worth addressing here. Sherry, perhaps the world’s best-known fortified wine, is also probably the most widely misunderstood. There are many styles of Sherry, and different styles have different characteristics. From sweet to dry, dark to clear and cheap to very, […]

Forget the Waitrose Sherry: 3 Jerez wines you need to try

You might have a bottle of Waitrose Sherry tucked away in a cupboard somewhere. Maybe you serve it to your grandmother at Christmas, or you splash a little on your midweek stir fry. Perhaps you even drink it. While there’s nothing explicitly wrong with Waitrose Sherry or other supermarket own-brand fortified wines, we’ve got good […]

Can you still buy sack wine?

“Sack wine” is one of those funny old wine terms that pops up now and again, and is largely misunderstood. The history of sack wine goes back to somewhere around the 1500s, and the phrase pops up in history books and import/export documents alike. Sack wine in the classical sense is no longer available, though. […]

3 foods to eat with dry Sherry

The fortified wines from the Jerez de la Frontera region of Spain, commonly known as Sherry, are often thought of as simply dessert wines. There is some truth to this, of course, but it runs the risk of oversimplifying and misunderstanding the whole Sherry category. It also risks missing out on some wonderful food and […]

Understanding medium dry Sherry and other fortified wine terms

Fortified wines are often a little tricky to understand. Labels are complicated and often bear unfamiliar, foreign-language terms that mean little to the average consumer: Just what is “medium dry Sherry”, for example? There are complex methods of production including highly specialised ageing and maturation. Store shelves have historically been dominated by large brands, such […]

3 Great styles of sweet Spanish wine that you must try

What do you know about sweet Spanish wine? For many wine lovers, their knowledge of sweet wine starts and finishes in France with Sauternes. Some may go a little further and mention Port wine in Portugal. These are great wines, unique and distinctive in their own right. But they only tell a little bit of […]

Why you should really own some Port wine glasses

Do you own any Port wine glasses? Many people don’t, but we think you should. Wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes, and with good reason: Individual wines have distinctive aromas and characteristics, and certain glasses are better at highlighting these than others. Of course, some wine glasses are more common than others. Cava […]