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What makes Pingus wine so great?

Have you ever tasted a Pingus wine? Dominio de Pingus, to give it its proper title, is one of the finest wine producers in Spain. From its tiny vineyard in the Ribera del Duero region, it routinely produces some of the best red wine in the world. For all its prestige and fame, however, few […]

The 5 fine and rare wines any wine lover has to try

How many fine and rare wines does the average wine lover get to try, do you think? Not that many. By definition, fine and rare wines are, well, rare. Most of the best wine in the world is made in such limited quantities that very few of us ever get to taste it.

Love Every Bottle You Buy with the Robert Parker Collection

Wine can get expensive. And if you hate a bottle, you’re only going to feel worse for remembering the price tag attached to it, but you can avoid that sting if you take the advice of a good wine critic, like Robert Parker. In fact, Mr Parker has reviewed a huge number of wines over […]

Why Robert Parker is Like a Jedi Master of Wine

If there was a Yoda of wine, it would be Robert Parker. It not that he’s small, green and hairy. He isn’t. Nor talks in inverted syntax does he. Rather, Mr Parker is a hugely respected repository of wine knowledge, and his influence flows through the global industry like a mystical unseen force that changes […]

We have just received the best wines from Toro Albalá, including Don PX Convento Selección 1946, rated 100 points by Robert Parker

We have recently added the best wines made by the renowned winery Toro Albalá to our online catalog, a bodega founded in 1922 by José María Toro Albalá, and run at present day by its current owner, Antonio Sanchez Romero. This winery, under the AO Montilla-Moriles and based in Aguilar de la Frontera (Córdoba, Andalusia), […]

The influence of Robert Parker

Whether we like it or not, The Wine Advocate (TWA), personified in Robert Parker, is today’s most influential wine guide on the planet. To invoke the name of this wine critic arouses admiration in some cases and sometimes indiference or even indignation. This lawyer from Baltimore (USA) released his first newsletter, the Baltimore-Washington Wine Advocate, […]

Pingus 2012 and L’Ermita 2013, among the world’s best wines

The team of the magazine The Wine Advocate (Robert Parker), has just published the “Best New Releases” from 2015. From over 30,000 tasted wines, the team has selected 50 with the best quality. Among these, as almost every year, stand out the Pingus 2012 and L’Ermita 2013, both awarded with 100 points, the highest possible […]

Pruno 2013. One of the best value wines according Robert Parker

Robert Parker, the world famous wine guru, just published in his magazine The Wine Advocate, the best Spanish value wines. And, of course, the Pruno 2013 remains one of his favorite wines. It tells us: “I have loved this wine in previous vintages and I still do in this 2013. It offers a large number […]