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All about Sherry cask whisky

Have you ever tasted a Sherry cask whisky? It is not always easy to find, but it’s worth seeking out. It’s becoming more and more popular in Scotland and Ireland, as well as further afield. Ageing whisky in wine barrels or other wooden vessels is just one of the techniques used by the world’s top […]

Understanding medium dry Sherry and other fortified wine terms

Fortified wines are often a little tricky to understand. Labels are complicated and often bear unfamiliar, foreign-language terms that mean little to the average consumer: Just what is “medium dry Sherry”, for example? There are complex methods of production including highly specialised ageing and maturation. Store shelves have historically been dominated by large brands, such […]

The finest Pedro Ximénez money can buy

Regular readers of this blog will know that we love Sherry, and that we like to extol its virtues at every possible opportunity. It’s not just another fortified wine: From its distinctive sense of place, its unique ageing and the sheer range of flavours and styles on offer, Sherry has a lot to offer the […]

How does Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry compare with Marqués de Poley?

Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry is perhaps the world’s best known Sherry brand. There are good reasons for this: It is widely available in supermarkets and convenience stores, it is relatively affordable and it has a pleasant, sweet taste that is agreeable to many. That’s all well and good, but let’s not forget just how versatile […]

Food pairing ideas for Pedro Ximénez Sherry

Sherry is versatile, available in all manner of styles and to suit all palates. Dry, sweet and in between, there is surely something for everybody. Whether it’s as an aperitif, a digestif or with a meal, there are many occasions to enjoy a glass. But is Sherry really good with food? Short answer: Yes. However, […]

Everything you need to know about the sherry cask

We know what Sherry is, right? Also commonly known as Jerez and Xerez, these fortified Spanish wines come in a multitude of diverse styles from bone dry to delectably sweet. Beyond that, it’s a complex category and one that the average wine lover may not know so much about. One image that many associate with […]

Palo Cortado Sherry: What you need to know

Sherry wines are incredibly diverse. Many people think of Sherry as merely a sweet dessert wine and nothing more, though this is far from true. Sherry can be sweet, certainly. There are some delicious sweet Sherries out there, in different styles and at different price points. There is also completely dry Sherry available, again in […]