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Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic, separately or together?

Well, however you want, the truth is that together they are one of the few combinations that have a proper name (Gintonic). But let us know a little about the history of these drinks: Johann Jacob Schweppes in 1783 invents an effective system with which to introduce bubbles of carbon dioxide in the water bottled […]

Why you’ve got to try Gin Mare…and how!

Spanish gin doesn’t get much better than Gin Mare. For those that want what they drink to express a sense of place, Gin Mare is perfect. This is a Mediterranean spirit that tastes Mediterranean. It’s full of character, flavour, and a whole host of unusual and distinctive gin botanicals. If you haven’t already discovered this gem […]

Why you’ve got to try Xoriguer gin

If haven’t yet discovered Xoriguer gin, you might want to start paying attention right about now. Gin is booming in popularity these days, with a new brand of craft or artisanal gin launching seemingly every week. Unsurprisingly, it can be difficult to follow all this gin activity, and it can be hard to know where […]

What the bloody hell is Six O’Clock Gin?

Have you heard of Six O’Clock Gin yet? Gin is one of the world’s trendiest spirits these days, and English gin is particularly in fashion. Some of the best gins are handcrafted by small, artisanal companies, which are often family-run affairs. This is the case with Six O’Clock Gin, produced by British family company Bramley […]

The Botanicals complete our Gin and Tonic

Today, the Gin and Tonic has a long history and its future, at the moment, seems infinite. The Consumers’ curiosity, a greater knowledge and understanding make perfection the objective to achieve when serving a drink. A good idea, that can help us make the perfect combination at home, is looking at the herbalist. Indeed, these […]

A Gin Tonic or a salad?

There is no doubt that the Gin & Tonic is the trendiest cocktail. During the last years we have seen bar shelves loaded with all kinds of gins. Later on those same shelves were also loaded with all sorts of tonic waters. Now that we have numberless possibilities of combining tonic waters and gins, we […]

The 5 most common mistakes when making a gin & tonic

Making the perfect gin & tonic might seem simple. However after painstakingly visiting different  bars – purely in the interests of research – we have seen too many times how making a bad gin & tonic has become acceptable. Alas, low standards turn a wonderful drink into something really quite third rate. So from getting […]