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Why you’ve got to try Gin Mare…and how!

Spanish gin doesn’t get much better than Gin Mare. For those that want what they drink to express a sense of place, Gin Mare is perfect. This is a Mediterranean spirit that tastes Mediterranean. It’s full of character, flavour, and a whole host of unusual and distinctive gin botanicals. If you haven’t already discovered this gem […]

One Man Vs Snow Queen Vodka Cocktails

Snow Queen Vodka is clean and classy. To appreciate that, you need to buy some truly awful vodka from a budget chain of shops, and by comparison, five times distilled, organic Snow Queen Vodka will feel as pure as Siberian snowflakes wafting in on an Arctic breeze. Being so refined, it’s also great for making […]

Everything you need to know about Carlos 1 Brandy

Have you tried Carlos 1 Brandy? Brandy is distilled wine and is produced throughout the world, though is at its best in the fine spirits Cognac and Armagnac, named after their regions of production in the south-west of France. Spanish Brandy is no slouch, though, and Carlos 1 Brandy is as good an example as […]

The 3 cheapest Grey Goose vodka cocktails

Grey Goose is one of the world’s premiere vodka brands. Produced in the Cognac region of France, this is premium stuff: The cheapest Grey Goose vodka you’re likely to find will still set you back considerably more than you’d pay for brands like Smirnoff and Absolut. As such, you’re gonna want to get your money’s […]

Europe through its cocktails

Negroni (Italy) The Negroni was born in Florence in 1919, and its invention is attributed to Count Negroni, who asked his waiter to make his favorite cocktail, the Americano, something stronger, by adding gin instead of soda. The waiter then gave it a special touch, by adding lemon instead of orange, and thus creating a […]

How to Make the Perfect Mojito

Summer is here and the temperatures indicate it is time to enjoy, in good company, one of the most popular cocktails in the world: the Mojito. Born in Cuba, this cocktail originates in an aristocratic Club of the 19th century La Habana and its key ingredient was Angostura Bitters instead of Rum, as at present. […]

Origin and preparation of the Vermouth

Summer is coming, and on countless terraces one can enjoy the sun with an aperitif. Who can resist the freshness and the taste of a Vermouth? Very few people know that this is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, originated at almost the same time as the wine. Below we show you its origin and […]

Bellini: a different, sparkling and very refreshing cocktail

After Christmas time, have you left a bottle of champagne? If so, today we would like to propose a simple cocktail, different, sparkling and very refreshing, made with cava: the Bellini. The Bellini was invented in Venice in 1948 by the bartender Giuseppe Cipriani, owner of Harry ‘s Bar in that city (which has nothing […]