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Champagne flutes: What are they for?

Wine glasses are a whole category to themselves, and can appear quite complicated from the outside. There are a whole host of different shapes and sizes, and the basic idea is that each type of glass will best express a given type of wine.

Champagne yeast flavours: Where do they come from?

Champagne is the finest sparkling wine in the world, and truly fine Champagne is some of the finest wine in the world, period. Where do Champagne yeast flavours come from? Champagne is made in different styles by different kinds of producers, and so the resulting bubbly liquid can vary widely in terms of its flavour […]

The world’s most iconic Champagne labels

Champagne is inherently an iconic drink. It symbolises celebration, wealth and luxury. From the bottle, to the Champagne bucket, to the pop and the fizz. Even the word itself is iconic: Forgetting about quality and focussing solely on image, Champagne labels will always have a little bit more of a “wow” factor than a Cava, […]

Why are Cava prices so much lower than Champagne?

We love sparkling wine. Whether that’s Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, Franciacorta, a Crémant de Bordeaux, Burgundy or Loire – whatever! The Champagne bucket, the sound of popping corks, the sight and fizzle of fine bubbles, the tingling acidity on the tongue: What’s not to like?

Grand Cru Champagne: The basics

Understanding wine labels can be tricky at the best of times, particularly when different terms have different meanings from one region to another. The term “grand cru” is a great example. The French phrase translates to “great growth”, and in very general terms a wine designated as a grand cru should come from a particularly […]

Jaume Serra Cava and the best cavas to serve at your wedding

Many people feel duty-bound to stick to Champagne when it comes to wedding day celebrations. But, just as there are a million and one different ways and places to get married, there are many more options out there when you’re looking which bubbly to serve to welcome guests or toast the bride and groom on […]

Ayala Champagne: What you should drink instead

Who doesn’t love a glass of Champagne? At a wedding, birthday party, New Year’s Eve – whatever the occasion, we all enjoy a toast and being handed a glass of bubbly. Drinking it in this way means that very few of us actually go out and buy specific bottles of Champagne. At a party you […]

Prosecco and Cava: How do they compare with Champagne?

We love sparkling wine, but it can be difficult to make sense of it all. Is all sparkling wine Champagne, or is all Champagne sparkling wine? Or neither? Or both? What is Cava and where does it come from? Is Prosecco a region or a grape? There are many questions, and they’re all valid. Today […]