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The myth with the spoon and the cava bottle

Have you ever heard that you need to place a small spoon in a cava bottle’s neck to prevent the bubbles from escaping from the wine? Unfortunately, this trick does not work. Even the French Comité Interprofessionel du Vin de Champagne has studied the myth and thoroughly debunked it. The bubbles are a major part […]

Cava or Champagne? What are the differences?

Cava and Champagne; both bid for a place at the Christmas table to toast for the new year. But what are the differences and the similarities between these two “cousins”? What are they? Champagne is the denomination used to refer to the most famous sparkling wine in the world. Of French origin, it is produced […]

Choose your favourite: Cava or Champagne

Have you yet decided what to toast with to see out the old year and ring in the new? At this time of the year when families come together, some like Cava and others prefer Champagne. For this reason we would like to offer you 50% OFF ON YOUR SHIPPING COSTS for the purchase of […]

Recaredo Turó d’en Mota

In our catalogue at we have exclusively, in stock and preserved in perfect condition the four vintages of the great cava Recaredo Turó d’en Mota, characteristic for its elegance and simplicity, as well as for a very limited production. This cava has also top ratings by Robert Parker. The vineyard Turó d’ Mota, property […]

Getting to know the Cava

When we have a bottle in our hands it is important to know how to read the label, whether they are Red Wines, Sparkling, Sweet, Fortified or Spirits. Today we would like to comment on Cava, a product that we do not know how evaluate well enough, considering it is very popular and within easy […]

The bottles of champagne

Today I would explain why the bottles of champagne, or cava, have a different and peculiar shape when compared to the standard bottle of wine. What do we see when holding a bottle of sparkling wine? The bottle is very heavy. The bottom of the bottle is bended towards the inside. And, if we open […]

Cava and nougat

That cava is the favourite sparkling as a companion for the nougat at Christmas time is all a fact. But now, which is best to combine with such sweet desserts? There are many types of cavas depending on the aging time and on their sugar content. Thus, we could find Semiseco cava, Brut, BrutNature, Reserva, […]