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All about Sherry cask whisky

Have you ever tasted a Sherry cask whisky? It is not always easy to find, but it’s worth seeking out. It’s becoming more and more popular in Scotland and Ireland, as well as further afield. Ageing whisky in wine barrels or other wooden vessels is just one of the techniques used by the world’s top […]

Benromach Capellanes Picón Wood Finish, a whisky blended in wine barrels

We would like to talk today about an unusual whisky resulting from the collaboration between the Scottish distillery Benromach and the winery Pago de los Capellanes from the Spanish Ribera del Duero area. Benromach is a distillery located in Speyside – Scotland- owned by Gordon & MacPhail. It is considered as one of the points […]

Whisky or Whiskey

Have you ever wondered why you find this word with two different spellings and in different contexts? Are “whiskey” and “whisky” just two different spellings of the same word, or are they two different words describing two different distilled spirits? We can describe whisky as an alcoholic distilled beverage made from fermented grain mash. Among […]