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One Man Vs Snow Queen Vodka Cocktails

Snow Queen Vodka is clean and classy. To appreciate that, you need to buy some truly awful vodka from a budget chain of shops, and by comparison, five times distilled, organic Snow Queen Vodka will feel as pure as Siberian snowflakes wafting in on an Arctic breeze. Being so refined, it’s also great for making […]

The 3 cheapest Grey Goose vodka cocktails

Grey Goose is one of the world’s premiere vodka brands. Produced in the Cognac region of France, this is premium stuff: The cheapest Grey Goose vodka you’re likely to find will still set you back considerably more than you’d pay for brands like Smirnoff and Absolut. As such, you’re gonna want to get your money’s […]

Crystal Head Vodka The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary

Since 2012, the legendary band The Rolling Stones has been celebrating their 50th anniversary, and among the multitude of events that have been taken place across the globe since that date, we saw the creation of a special edition …of vodka. For such an event, the chosen one was Crystal Head Vodka, an internationally award-winning […]

Nuvo, L’Esperit from Paris

In the last months we have been noticed how, more and more, the presence of vodka at the Spanish bars is bigger and the number of followers of this drink has a constant increase. For this reason, today we want to talk about Nuvo, a different an original concept of vodka that it is advertised […]

Beluga gold, one of the best vodkas of the world

Beluga Gold is currently considered one of the best and most luxurious vodkas of the world. Due to the process of elaboration being long and complex this vodka has been released as a limited edition – each bottle being numbered. Hand made in Russia with high quality malt it is fermented with its own natural […]

U’luvka, a new version of 1606 recipe

U’luvka vodka is a remake of the authentic vodka of the 1606 Polish Royal house. Mark Holmes – its creator – was finally able to remake this vodka after finding some old archives on this spirit. This super premium vodka has undergone a triple distillation process. It is made from rye and barley, pure natural […]

Karlsson’s Gold

There are not many vodka producers nowadays using potato as raw material to make their vodkas. Cereals are then used instead since the cost in production is a lot inferior. As a result of using a lower quality raw material we have neutral spirits with little flavor. Willing to recover traditional methods, the most famous […]

Vodka, the new trendy distillate

In spite of vodka being originally considered a tasteless, colorless, odorless and neutral beverage distilled out of potato or cereals, it is nowadays revolutionizing the Spanish market with spectacular increases in sales. It is precisely premium vodkas like Grey Goose, Citadelle 6C, Karlsson’s, Beluga, Roberto Cavalli or Belvedere the responsible ones of this change. It […]