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Brecon Gin Gold Medal at Iwsc 2011

Brecon Special Reserve Gin – the only Welsh gin- has been awarded with the gold medal (Best in Class) at the “International Wine and Spirit Competition” (IWSC) – the most prestigious competition where worldwide spirits participate. We would also like to congratulate them for this award at the IWSC, considered the Oscar award of the […]

Josephine Gin

You can now find the new Josephine Premium Gin at our online store. This French gin has just landed in our country and it is elaborated by the prestigious Camus Cognac Firm founded in 1863. Its name pays homage to Josephine, Napoleón Bonaparte’s wife. It is a soft and elegant gin of 40º with intense […]

A Gin Tonic or a salad?

There is no doubt that the Gin & Tonic is the trendiest cocktail. During the last years we have seen bar shelves loaded with all kinds of gins. Later on those same shelves were also loaded with all sorts of tonic waters. Now that we have numberless possibilities of combining tonic waters and gins, we […]

Brockman’s Gin

We would like to talk today about a very particular and daring gin that can be very recently found in our country: the Brockman’s. Brockman’s is born out of five friends’ passion for gin and out of their admiration towards diversity and ground breaking aromas. Out of this love, they set the target of creating […]

Edgerton Pink Gin, the pink gin

Edgerton Pink Gin as the name says is precisely a pink gin boasting to be one of the not so many gins currently distilled and bottled in London. Although the producer remarks that the colour comes from the pomegranate used to give its pink colour, the distilling is always colourless; hence we might think that […]