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Why you’ve got to try Xoriguer gin

If haven’t yet discovered Xoriguer gin, you might want to start paying attention right about now. Gin is booming in popularity these days, with a new brand of craft or artisanal gin launching seemingly every week. Unsurprisingly, it can be difficult to follow all this gin activity, and it can be hard to know where […]

What the bloody hell is Six O’Clock Gin?

Have you heard of Six O’Clock Gin yet? Gin is one of the world’s trendiest spirits these days, and English gin is particularly in fashion. Some of the best gins are handcrafted by small, artisanal companies, which are often family-run affairs. This is the case with Six O’Clock Gin, produced by British family company Bramley […]

They’ve Snuck Mombasa Gin Out of the Gentleman’s Club

The British Empire is long gone. It’s gin is not, which tells you something of its appeal as the drink has not only outlived the colonial system which created it but also the men who drank it in Zanzibar’s Mombasa Club. Mombasa Gin was made for a very small number of rich English elites. Now […]

Time to reGINvent yourself!

The Gin is versatile and full of potential, and that’s an advantage over the other spirits. It’s not just because for the number of events organised by the brands themselves, but also allows you to do countless combinations for all audiences and, with a touch of imagination, you can write hundreds of lines to stimulate […]

Bloom Gin: the Feminine character

Bloom, one of today’s best Premium gins, has a very special feature: it is the only gin distilled by a woman, the “Master Destiller” Joanne Moore. This premium Gin undergoes 4 distillations -in tradictional stills- and has a relative scant production. It is heir to the tradition of “Premium London Gin”. We will have the […]

The Botanicals complete our Gin and Tonic

Today, the Gin and Tonic has a long history and its future, at the moment, seems infinite. The Consumers’ curiosity, a greater knowledge and understanding make perfection the objective to achieve when serving a drink. A good idea, that can help us make the perfect combination at home, is looking at the herbalist. Indeed, these […]

Citadelle Gin Reserve: an aged gin

Citadelle Gin Reserve is one gin which is been made since 2008 and which can be proud of being the only gin worldwide refined for 6 months in oak barrels. Frédéric Gilbert, specialist in Cognac aging, is the one who had this great idea and carried out this project of aging the Citadelle gin during […]

Saffron Gin, the orange gin

Saffron Gin is a French origin gin made by Gabriel Boudier distillery founded in Dijon in 1874. This spirit started to be produced in 2006 after a XIX century recipe. This gin is crafted following the traditional distillation methods. After the distillation process an infusion is made during 48 hours with the ingredient after which […]