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Everything you need to know about Carlos 1 Brandy

Have you tried Carlos 1 Brandy? Brandy is distilled wine and is produced throughout the world, though is at its best in the fine spirits Cognac and Armagnac, named after their regions of production in the south-west of France. Spanish Brandy is no slouch, though, and Carlos 1 Brandy is as good an example as […]

Soberano Brandy: How does it compare with Cognac?

Ever have Soberano Brandy? Brandy is the generic name for a group of spirits that have been distilled from wine. Most wine producing countries also produce Brandy in some form or another. The best-known Brandy producers are France, and, to a lesser extent, Spain. French Brandy is made at varying levels of quality and prestige, […]

Brandy de Jerez

Today we would like to talk about a fantastic and appreciated distillate which, although it has been rather forgotten perhaps because of the new trends or the tastes amongst consumers may have changed over time, will always be one of the spirits to take into account. Brandy de Jerez is the result of distilling white […]