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Everything you need to know about Carlos 1 Brandy

Have you tried Carlos 1 Brandy? Brandy is distilled wine and is produced throughout the world, though is at its best in the fine spirits Cognac and Armagnac, named after their regions of production in the south-west of France. Spanish Brandy is no slouch, though, and Carlos 1 Brandy is as good an example as […]

Hennessy Ellipse costs more than many cars. Here’s why!

Have you heard of Hennessy Ellipse? You surely know of Hennessy Cognac, probably the world’s best-known Cognac producer. Alongside Armagnac, Cognac occupies the high-end of the brandy market. While you can get your hands on cheap brandy from France, Spain and elsewhere, Cognac doesn’t usually come cheap. OK, there’s not cheap and Not Cheap. This […]

The 3 cheapest Grey Goose vodka cocktails

Grey Goose is one of the world’s premiere vodka brands. Produced in the Cognac region of France, this is premium stuff: The cheapest Grey Goose vodka you’re likely to find will still set you back considerably more than you’d pay for brands like Smirnoff and Absolut. As such, you’re gonna want to get your money’s […]

Soberano Brandy: How does it compare with Cognac?

Ever have Soberano Brandy? Brandy is the generic name for a group of spirits that have been distilled from wine. Most wine producing countries also produce Brandy in some form or another. The best-known Brandy producers are France, and, to a lesser extent, Spain. French Brandy is made at varying levels of quality and prestige, […]

Crystal Head Vodka The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary

Since 2012, the legendary band The Rolling Stones has been celebrating their 50th anniversary, and among the multitude of events that have been taken place across the globe since that date, we saw the creation of a special edition …of vodka. For such an event, the chosen one was Crystal Head Vodka, an internationally award-winning […]

Time to reGINvent yourself!

The Gin is versatile and full of potential, and that’s an advantage over the other spirits. It’s not just because for the number of events organised by the brands themselves, but also allows you to do countless combinations for all audiences and, with a touch of imagination, you can write hundreds of lines to stimulate […]

Bloom Gin: the Feminine character

Bloom, one of today’s best Premium gins, has a very special feature: it is the only gin distilled by a woman, the “Master Destiller” Joanne Moore. This premium Gin undergoes 4 distillations -in tradictional stills- and has a relative scant production. It is heir to the tradition of “Premium London Gin”. We will have the […]

The Botanicals complete our Gin and Tonic

Today, the Gin and Tonic has a long history and its future, at the moment, seems infinite. The Consumers’ curiosity, a greater knowledge and understanding make perfection the objective to achieve when serving a drink. A good idea, that can help us make the perfect combination at home, is looking at the herbalist. Indeed, these […]