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Why you’ve got to try Gin Mare…and how!

Spanish gin doesn’t get much better than Gin Mare. For those that want what they drink to express a sense of place, Gin Mare is perfect. This is a Mediterranean spirit that tastes Mediterranean. It’s full of character, flavour, and a whole host of unusual and distinctive gin botanicals. If you haven’t already discovered this gem […]

All about Sherry cask whisky

Have you ever tasted a Sherry cask whisky? It is not always easy to find, but it’s worth seeking out. It’s becoming more and more popular in Scotland and Ireland, as well as further afield. Ageing whisky in wine barrels or other wooden vessels is just one of the techniques used by the world’s top […]

One Man Vs Snow Queen Vodka Cocktails

Snow Queen Vodka is clean and classy. To appreciate that, you need to buy some truly awful vodka from a budget chain of shops, and by comparison, five times distilled, organic Snow Queen Vodka will feel as pure as Siberian snowflakes wafting in on an Arctic breeze. Being so refined, it’s also great for making […]

Why you’ve got to try Xoriguer gin

If haven’t yet discovered Xoriguer gin, you might want to start paying attention right about now. Gin is booming in popularity these days, with a new brand of craft or artisanal gin launching seemingly every week. Unsurprisingly, it can be difficult to follow all this gin activity, and it can be hard to know where […]

What the bloody hell is Six O’Clock Gin?

Have you heard of Six O’Clock Gin yet? Gin is one of the world’s trendiest spirits these days, and English gin is particularly in fashion. Some of the best gins are handcrafted by small, artisanal companies, which are often family-run affairs. This is the case with Six O’Clock Gin, produced by British family company Bramley […]

They’ve Snuck Mombasa Gin Out of the Gentleman’s Club

The British Empire is long gone. It’s gin is not, which tells you something of its appeal as the drink has not only outlived the colonial system which created it but also the men who drank it in Zanzibar’s Mombasa Club. Mombasa Gin was made for a very small number of rich English elites. Now […]

Everything you need to know about Carlos 1 Brandy

Have you tried Carlos 1 Brandy? Brandy is distilled wine and is produced throughout the world, though is at its best in the fine spirits Cognac and Armagnac, named after their regions of production in the south-west of France. Spanish Brandy is no slouch, though, and Carlos 1 Brandy is as good an example as […]

Hennessy Ellipse costs more than many cars. Here’s why!

Have you heard of Hennessy Ellipse? You surely know of Hennessy Cognac, probably the world’s best-known Cognac producer. Alongside Armagnac, Cognac occupies the high-end of the brandy market. While you can get your hands on cheap brandy from France, Spain and elsewhere, Cognac doesn’t usually come cheap. OK, there’s not cheap and Not Cheap. This […]