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Albariño: Does it go with everything?

What is Albariño? Albariño is among Spain’s best known white wine grapes. It can also be found in Portugal, where it is referred to as Alvarinho, as well as parts of California. It’s a robust and thick-skinned grape, common in the Galicia region of northwest Spain. The Albariño grape produces highly aromatic wines with generous […]

5 Rioja Food Pairing Ideas You Need In Your Life

Rioja wine is produced in many different styles, but the region is best known for its red wines. Red Rioja wines are usually a blend of a number of different grapes, primarily Tempranillo and often supported by Garnacha, Graciano and Mazuelo. This blend creates a wine that’s great with a meal. Yet there are a […]

The best red wines to pair with cheese

Today we will talk about the pairing between the red wine and cheese. Obviously, if we extend ourselves too much, we would never come to an end, so let’s try to summarize the most common similarities. Besides from the classic and always successful pairing of Oporto and Stilton or other blue cheese, there are other […]

Cava and nougat

That cava is the favourite sparkling as a companion for the nougat at Christmas time is all a fact. But now, which is best to combine with such sweet desserts? There are many types of cavas depending on the aging time and on their sugar content. Thus, we could find Semiseco cava, Brut, BrutNature, Reserva, […]

Wine and pizza pairing

Pizza becomes a usual resource for a dinner among friends, in order to watch a football match or when you are at home alone. In most of this situations, we use to choose a beer or a Coke as a suitable pairing drink. Due to its informal character and the constant image offered by the […]