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3 Ideas for pairing food with oak flavours in wine

It is very common to age wine in oak barrels. Barrel ageing is particularly used for the fine red wines of top regions like Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Bordeaux and Burgundy. Some white wines also undergo barrel ageing, with Chardonnay being the most prominent example. Ageing these wines in oak before bottling gives them more […]

Truly awful food and wine pairings and why you should avoid them

We love pairing food and wine, and we love it even more when people don’t take the whole thing too seriously. By all means you should seek out great food and wine pairings, but for most of us it’s not going to be a matter of life and death. A bit of experimentation, trial and […]

Great food pairings for Merlot wines

Merlot is one of the world’s most popular red wine grapes. Good (and often great) Merlot is made throughout the world, from France and Spain to the USA, Chile and beyond. At its best it makes fleshy, rounded and supple wines with generous mouth-filling flavours of berries, plum and currants. The grape was famously bashed […]

Wine pairing tips for spicy food

Hot, spicy food is a favourite on dining tables in many parts of the world. Long associated with Asian cuisine from China, India, Thailand and elsewhere, many European countries have also adopted the style. Asian and Asian-inspired dishes use varying combinations of spices, chilli peppers and other sauces and flavours in order to create fiery […]

Gourmet food pairings for the world’s finest wines

Fine wines are not for everybody, but rather for the fortunate few. For many years, the finest wines of Ribera del Duero, Bordeaux and Burgundy have graced the dining tables of kings and queens, presidents and other politicians, and the rich and famous. The premium wines of these top regions are called “fine” for a […]

Make Christmas Merrier with Spanish Wine

Christmas – the festival of overindulgence. What better time of year to enjoy a drop of the good stuff, and it has to be said, Spain can offer a bottle for each part of the Christmas experience. Afterall, food goes much better with wine. And there’ll certainly be a lot to eat about the place, […]

Just fish? Pairing ideas for white wines

Fish and white wine is a classic food pairing, right? With very few exceptions, just about any piece of fish or seafood dish that you can think of will pair quite well with just about any dry white wine you’re likely to get your hands on. Pairing food with sweet white wines can be a […]

Pairing wine with Christmas dinner

Christmas is just around the corner, and for many families Christmas dinner is the most important meal of the year. We plan out every meticulous detail about the potatoes, the ham, the turkey, the goose and whatever else may be considered traditional in your household, but very often we leave the wine as something of […]