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The Shocking Truth About Champagne and Caviar

Aren’t food snobs funny? If you tell them fish eggs, of all things, are the height of sophistication, and so-so wine from a cold region is a sign of good taste, they’ll fork our bundles of cash for the stuff. Thankfully, the rest of us don’t have to slavishly follow their silly example. Europe has […]

What Goes with Lasagne if You Love Spanish Wine

Ah lasagne – that go to, feel good food. If ever there was a dinner that you could relax with over a glass of wine, it would be this. But what if you’re not particularly fond of Italian wine? What if you’d much prefer a robust Spanish red instead? Clearly you have good taste, but […]

Try this wine sauce for monkfish. Seriously!

Cooking with wine is great. Sometimes you can even put it in the food! The internet is chock full of great wine and food recipes, and one of our favourites is this lemon butter wine sauce for monkfish recipe from The recipe is simple and easy to recreate, with the biggest question being which […]

Pairing Spanish wine and Italian food – seriously!

To say that Italians are serious about their food would be something of an understatement. In Italy, food is an integral part of daily life. Italians are proud of their cuisine, and rightly so; It is some of the best in the world, and many Italian dishes have travelled to become household names across the […]

How to pair food with Rueda wines

Rueda wine comes from Spain’s Rueda DO, located between the prestigious regions of Toro and Ribera del Duero. Unlike its neighbours, however, Rueda is best known for producing white wine. White Rueda comes from Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc, Viura, or a combination of all three. Stylistically, they can range from light and fresh to full-bodied and […]

3 foods to eat with dry Sherry

The fortified wines from the Jerez de la Frontera region of Spain, commonly known as Sherry, are often thought of as simply dessert wines. There is some truth to this, of course, but it runs the risk of oversimplifying and misunderstanding the whole Sherry category. It also risks missing out on some wonderful food and […]

5 Food pairing ideas for powerful Priorat wines

Priorat wines are among Spain’s most distinctive: Rugged, robust and powerful. Hailing from steep, sunburnt terrain, the wines are definitely of their place. The reds are blends, with prominent grape varieties being Carignan and Grenache. A whole host of other grapes are permitted, including Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Pinot Noir.  The resulting wines are […]