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Everything you need to know about Colombard wine

Colombard is not the world’s sexiest white wine grape, to put it mildly. It lacks the star power of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, but it’s got its place in the winegrowing world. If you’ve never heard of the Colombard grape, don’t worry. Our quick guide will tell you everything you need to know, fast. Let’s […]

What the bloody hell is Six O’Clock Gin?

Have you heard of Six O’Clock Gin yet? Gin is one of the world’s trendiest spirits these days, and English gin is particularly in fashion. Some of the best gins are handcrafted by small, artisanal companies, which are often family-run affairs. This is the case with Six O’Clock Gin, produced by British family company Bramley […]

They’ve Snuck Mombasa Gin Out of the Gentleman’s Club

The British Empire is long gone. It’s gin is not, which tells you something of its appeal as the drink has not only outlived the colonial system which created it but also the men who drank it in Zanzibar’s Mombasa Club. Mombasa Gin was made for a very small number of rich English elites. Now […]

Does Sherry go off?

The question, “Does Sherry go off?” is a common one among wine lovers, and it’s worth addressing here. Sherry, perhaps the world’s best-known fortified wine, is also probably the most widely misunderstood. There are many styles of Sherry, and different styles have different characteristics. From sweet to dry, dark to clear and cheap to very, […]

Making sense of Muscadet

How’s your Muscadet wine knowledge? Most wine stores and supermarkets will stock at least one bottle of Muscadet, yet it remains slightly tricky to understand. “Muscadet” is neither the name of a grape nor of a region. The word “Muscadet” sounds a lot like “Muscat”, but they are two very different wines. Don’t worry, though. […]

How to make Arancello at home

Making liqueurs and cocktails at home is surprisingly fun. You might know Limoncello, and you might have even made it yourself. Lemon-based Italian liqueur goodness – what’s not to like. Well, we can do one better: Let us introduce Arancello, Limoncello’s stroppy younger sibling!

The 3 best foods to pair with Dom Pérignon 2006

Dom Pérignon 2006. The very words are enough to send tingles down the spine of any sparkling wine lover. Legendary Champagne label Dom Pérignon is one of the ultimate status symbols, a favourite of the rich and famous throughout the world. It’s easy to forget, then, that behind the label and the fanfare is a […]

Why you should be drinking more Portuguese white wine

Portuguese white wine doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. We love Spanish wine so much that we sometimes forget about neighbouring Portugal and the wondrous wine it has to offer. Sure, you hear about Port now and then, but what about the country’s white wines? We’ve got everything you need to know about Portuguese […]