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How to Use the ParkersGuide Like a Pro

Robert Parker has excellent taste in wine. Well, not only does our website stock many of the bottles which he rates, but we’ve included his score next to them too, so you can see just how good the vino really is. Ingeniously, you can also search and filter those wines by specific categories. That doesn’t […]

Tour the Map of Burgundy with our Wine

If you fancy a Continental holiday, Burgundy is a lovely part of France. Its main road, the A6, runs right through the wine growing areas too, which makes it ideal for stopping off at vineyards along the way. Although, maybe your driving companion should be a teetotaller. Going through the Burgundy map from North to […]

Etienne Dumont Champagne: 3 top Champagne tips

Have you tried Etienne Dumont Champagne? If you live in the UK and buy your Champagne and sparkling wine at the supermarket, the name probably rings a bell. It’s not exactly Ruinart or Dom Pérignon, but Etienne Dumont Champagne is a decent bottle of bubbly, usually at a pretty acceptable price. It’s not a bad […]

Everything You Need to Know About Divine Priorat Wine

Priorat wine is very popular with young Spanish people right now. That’s probably because the region has significantly raised its game over the past few years, and is producing some absolute corkers. So, this is our guide to why you should have a glass of it in your hand right now.

Understanding Pinot Grigio rosé and other pink wines

Have you ever wondered how they make Pinot Grigio rosé? Pinot Grigio wine is white, right? So how can Pinot Grigio rosé be pink? The answer is simpler than you might think, but it’s a good question. We all enjoy a glass of rosé during the summer, but how much do we really know about […]

All about Lustau Sherry (and brandy)

Have you tried Lustau Sherry? The Lustau brand comes from well known Jerez wine producer Emilio Lustau and includes both Sherry wine and Spanish brandy. Whether it’s a Lustau Sherry or brandy that you’re after, there is something in the range to suit every taste. This quick guide will tell you everything you need to know […]

How to Save Money Making Your Own Wine Filter

There are quite a few wine gadgets on the market. Many of them are completely useless, and that’s certainly true of a wine filter. There are only a few circumstances where you might need one. Even then, the wine will be perfectly drinkable without it, and so rather than shelling out, you might as well […]

What to Serve with Paté When the Queen Visits

We’ve all been there. You’ve just pulled the paté out of the fridge when there’s a knock on the front door, and who is it but Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. Apparently her carriage has broken down outside. Now you’re going to have to figure out what to serve with paté whilst obeying the […]