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How to make plum wine at home (and what to do with it!)

Making fruit wine at home is a popular pursuit, and making plum wine may be the most popular of them all. Plums are a delicious and versatile fruit for eating and cooking, though for us the best use of plums is in winemaking. The internet has a whole host of recipes and techniques for making […]

A crash course on making elderberry wine

Have you ever heard of elderberry wine? Unlike most commercially-available wines, it’s not made from grapes. Instead, it’s a fruit wine made from elderberries. Making elderberry wine at home Elderberries occur naturally in the wild and produce very dark and full-flavoured fruit. Handle wild elderberries, and you’ll have purple stained hands before you know it! […]

How to present a Champagne bucket like a pro

Serving Champagne professionally takes some serious training and practice. Sommeliers train long and hard in order to get every detail of Champagne service right. When serving Champagne – or any sparkling wine, for that matter – there are many individual steps to take and pieces of equipment to use, including the famous Champagne bucket. It’s […]

How to know if the wine is in good condition before opening the bottle

Many friends and clients send us pictures of some of their aged wines, asking if we can tell if the wine is in good condition for consumption or for sale 😉 Truly, without opening the bottle and tasting wine, it is impossible to determine the suitability of the wine, although we have some tips that […]

4 tips how to keep a bottle of wine after it has been opened

Often, one would like to drink a glass of wine for dinner, but does this not to avoid that the wine that is left gets spoiled. But this can be avoided! Today we give you four tips how to preserve the characteristics of the wine, and thus do not need to regret having opened a […]

Beginner’s Guide to Wine

The wine world is gaining more and more followers, many are already experts or at least know the basic rules. Today, however, we would like to dedicate to the “newcomers”: Selecting the right glass: Each wine has its own glass, but basically, the glasses should be transparent, smooth, and have an elongated shape, so that […]

The best way to store wine

Every wine lover would like to have a wine cellar at home, but there are a few basic guidelines one must follow in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes to opening an old bottle of wine. The first thing to take into consideration is that many wines have a recommended cellaring period but […]

How to Buy Wine for a Gift?

Santa Claus, the Three Wise Men, but also Secret Santa… At this time of the year there are lots of gifts to make and very often we run out of ideas. A wine, however, is the perfect gift, the price range is wide enough to fit almost every budget without detriment to quality. You must […]