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Five things to do with that old vintage wine box

If you’ve ever had the privilege of owning a case of fine wine, let’s say from Bordeaux or Burgundy, the chances are that your wine came in a vintage wine box. In fine wine sales, such a box is referred to as the wine’s “original wooden case”. Perhaps you know them as “wine crates”. These […]

Why you should use a wine decanter more often

There is a lot about wine and wine service that remains a mystery to the average wine drinker. Wine professionals – sommeliers, waiters, store clerks, winemakers and more – sometimes do things to and with wine that may appear confusing or unnecessary. Sniffing corks, swirling and spitting wine, debating about “legs” and so on, and […]

5 wine accessories any wine lover should own

Wine shouldn’t be complicated. Wine should be about pleasure, enjoyment and savouring special moments with friends and family. One can enjoy wine on purely a sensory basis, enjoying what’s in the glass in front of them and enjoying how it tastes. While there is a whole industry solely devoted to wine accessories, a lot of […]

How and why to swirl wine for tasting

It may look cool. But it also serves a purpose. Swirling is an essential part of any wine tasting session, and will also improve the smells and flavour of your wine while drinking at home.

How to choose a wine fridge

Sadly, not many of us live in homes with a cavernous cellar to stock all our favourite tipples in. Sure, you could just pop your white wine in your kitchen fridge or find a spot for your red under the stairs or on your worktop.

How to clean wine coolers

Wine coolers A wine cooler is used to store and preserve the taste of any wine. Wine coolers have been unveiled in different shapes, sizes and even prices. Choosing the best wine cooler for any wine lover is hectic and tiresome. Not only is the purchase process tedious but maintaining it, is also frantic. However […]

How can one put a wine chiller into proper use?

A wine is a rare specialty. Therefore wines have been handled as fragile and respectable drinks in many societies. With wines in place, there was a need to invent a wine chiller to regulate their temperatures and retain the tastes as well.  A wine chiller has served this very function since time immemorial. What’s more […]

Red wine kits: Can you make good wine at home?

We know where wine comes from, right? There’s a vineyard in Spain or in France. They grow some grapes like Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. The grapes are harvested and go to the winery, where they’re sorted and crushed and turned into wine through various fermentation processes. The wine might be aged in oak, though […]