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The 3 wine tasting glasses you should own

Buying wine tasting glasses is perhaps not the most glamorous aspect of being a wine lover. Shopping for wine glasses is certainly not as much fun as browsing the Rioja or Ribera del Duero sections of your favourite wine store. Make no mistake, though: Glamorous or not, the sort of stemware you taste wine from […]

Make or Find Your Own Trendy Vintage Wine Crates

Wine lovers know that mature often trumps new. With age, things acquire character, and that’s true of the crates that wine comes in as much as the wine itself. Certainly, vintage wines crates can look very impressive in a livingroom. However finding a good crate can be as difficult as sourcing a decent bottle of […]

How to use a giant wine decanter glass (and other alternatives)

Do you own a wine decanter? There are many good reasons to decant wine more often, though it can be difficult to convince some people to actually buy one. One reason that people may be averse to owning a decanter is a fear of being considered a wine snob. A traditional decanter can appear very […]

When should you buy wine glasses in bulk?

Most people have some wine glasses at home. Maybe you’re an oenophile with an immaculate collection of Riedel wine glasses, or a beginner with a couple of cheap supermarket glasses gathering dust in a cupboard. Either way, most people have at least a few glasses. Most domestic wine drinking occasions are rather small and intimate, […]

How to organise your own wine tour

Wine tourism is a seriously popular pursuit. Every year, wine lovers from all over travel near and far to visit wineries, vineyards, museums and other wine destinations. There are tons of such destinations throughout Europe and the rest of the world, so there is no shortage of places from which to choose. Some top European […]

How to read restaurant wine lists like a pro

The ritual of selecting a wine from the wine list has many diners a little nervous, if not outright uncomfortable. If you’ve ever had a bad experience – an awkward first date, an embarrassing business dinner or otherwise – then this article is for you. The good news is that the wine list is a […]

Why buy a wine making starter kit?

Making wine for a living is a noble pursuit, and there are numerous ways to get into it. Old World countries of Spain, France and Italy have centuries-old traditions of winemaking handed down through generations. New World countries may not have the history, though it is certainly common for wisdom and skills to be exchanged […]

How to behave at a wine tasting

Some people take wine very seriously – too seriously, in fact. Such people have a habit of ruining wine for the rest of us, unfortunately. Wine is one of life’s great pleasures, and there is nobody better than a wine snob to suck all the fun out of the wine experience. However, there are some […]