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A primer on Primitivo wine

Primitivo wine is a regional specialty of Puglia in Italy, though it has a much wider reach throughout the wine world. The grape that Primitivo wine comes from is grown in various regions throughout the world, and often under different names. What the Italians call “Primitivo” is “Zinfandel” to the Americans, and the tongue-twisting “Crljenak […]

How to explore Spanish wine on a budget

Spain makes some of the best wine in the world. From superstar regions like Rioja and Ribera del Duero to legendary producers like Vega Sicilia and Pingus, Spanish wine has no shortage of fanfare. Exploring Spanish wine is a fun and rewarding pursuit, but be warned: fine wine and a tight budget can be a […]

How to make sense of Bordeaux wine labels (& drink better wine!)

Some wine labels can be tricky to understand. Take France, where it’s common to label wines according to the region (or subregion) of production instead of the grape variety. This is useful if you happen to have specialist knowledge and know your Gevrey-Chambertin from your Morey-St-Denis, but it can be intimidating for the casual wine […]

How to spot 3 common wine faults

Drink enough wine, and you’re quite likely to come across a faulty one now and again. The good news is that advances in winemaking technique, packaging and storage of wine mean that the incidence of wine faults today is lower than ever. The not so good news is that wine faults still can, and do, […]

Happy Birthday Wine Guide: 3 gift ideas for wine lovers

Buying wine as a gift is incredibly popular, particularly for birthdays. We’ve all got a wine lover in our life (probably more than one, to be fair!) and a nice bottle of something special is a great go-to gift option. Not all wine is created equally, though, and not all wine lovers have similar tastes. […]

How to Store Your Wine Properly, Or Crazily

Of course, some people don’t store wine. They just drink it, and their snazzy, granite wine racks just collect dust. However the rest of us build up a collection over time. We cogitate and salivate over the day when we’ll enjoy the great bottle that we found, but if stored improperly, all that daydreaming will […]

How Twitter can teach you about Bordeaux wine

Bordeaux is arguably the centre of the wine world. It spans the entire range of the market, from inexpensive to virtually priceless. Every good wine list in the world has a Bordeaux section, and “Bordeaux” itself is perhaps the most recognisable wine brand there is.

The best red wine gifts for Valentine’s Day

Picture this: It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. You and your significant other have a special evening planned. You’ve got dinner reservations at your favourite restaurant, or maybe you’re cooking something special at home. You’ve picked out the sweetest card you could find, and you’ve inscribed it with a beautiful message that […]