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How to Use the ParkersGuide Like a Pro

Robert Parker has excellent taste in wine. Well, not only does our website stock many of the bottles which he rates, but we’ve included his score next to them too, so you can see just how good the vino really is. Ingeniously, you can also search and filter those wines by specific categories. That doesn’t […]

Tour the Map of Burgundy with our Wine

If you fancy a Continental holiday, Burgundy is a lovely part of France. Its main road, the A6, runs right through the wine growing areas too, which makes it ideal for stopping off at vineyards along the way. Although, maybe your driving companion should be a teetotaller. Going through the Burgundy map from North to […]

How to Save Money Making Your Own Wine Filter

There are quite a few wine gadgets on the market. Many of them are completely useless, and that’s certainly true of a wine filter. There are only a few circumstances where you might need one. Even then, the wine will be perfectly drinkable without it, and so rather than shelling out, you might as well […]

How to buy good wedding wine on a budget!

Worried about your wedding wine? Buying wine for a wedding can feel like a tough job, particularly when you’re on a budget. Planning your wedding is a lot of work, and it’s an expensive business, too. The good news is that buying wedding wine doesn’t need to be a nightmare. With a little bit of […]

Ever wonder how a wine corker machine works?

Making wine sounds easy. Grow a few grapes, convert their sugar into alcohol and away you go. All natural. Straightforward. Winemaking is a lot more than that, though, and these days wineries can look more like factories or laboratories given all the machinery on-site. From the wine corker to the optical sorter, there’s a whole […]

Does Wine Freeze Even If I Put it in a Freezer?

Sort of. Wine freezes at -6℃ to -9℃, and commercially available freezers go as low as -18℃. It’s certainly doable. Yet the alcohol in the wine means that it still doesn’t freeze as solidly or readily as water does, and so it would hold its shape only for a while in the freezer. Riesling ice […]

Love Every Bottle You Buy with the Robert Parker Collection

Wine can get expensive. And if you hate a bottle, you’re only going to feel worse for remembering the price tag attached to it, but you can avoid that sting if you take the advice of a good wine critic, like Robert Parker. In fact, Mr Parker has reviewed a huge number of wines over […]

3 good reasons to buy a wine saver

Have you ever considered buying a wine saver? The wine saver market is surprisingly complicated, and you can get anything from a cheap little stopper to a complex piece of cutting-edge technology like the Coravin that’ll set you back at least a few hundred euro. Whatever the style and no matter how advanced the technology, […]