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How unique is a champagne fountain?

A champagne fountain appears similar to a water fountain. It’s appealing and beautiful to watch as champagne spills from one tier to another. As a result, a champagne fountain has often been used in parties, clubs, and weddings to entertain guests. Serving champagne from a champagne fountain is an easy task. All you have to […]

Do blueberry wines offer sumptuous health benefits?

Description of a Blueberry wine Blueberry wine is made from blueberries. The latter are tiny fruits that grow in Africa, Canada and United States of America just to name a few. The skin and flesh of the plant are altogether fermented for some time to obtain blueberry wine. This wine has been embraced and often […]

Oak barrel ageing in wine: What you need to know

If you were to imagine what a wine cellar looks like, what picture comes into your mind? Dusty old bottles? Sure. Big tanks, maybe of concrete or steel? Of course. One image that everybody has, and very few really understand, is that of the oak barrel. What is the oak barrel for, where does it […]

Should you make wine with a seedless grape vine?

We know that wine comes from grapes. We are familiar with many of the most common grape varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. There are many, many more grape varieties that are used in wine. For the most part, these grapes belong to the species vitis vinifera.

Do wine gums really taste like wine?

They may be called wine gums, but they don’t contain a drop of alcohol. Although, we did read one news story about a teenager who was told he couldn’t buy wine gums in a discount store because the cashier mistakenly thought he needed to be over the legal drinking age to purchase them.

Making Sense of Spanish Wine, One Grape at a Time

Spain can seem like a complicated place when it comes to wine. It may feel as though there is just too much going on there, how can you make sense of it? For sure, they make a lot of wine there. Not quite as much as France or Italy, but still, a lot. Spanish wines […]

Which is the best Spanish wine for you?

Spain has the largest vineyard land in the world! Moreover, the country has the highest life expectancy – – coincidence. For many people, the country is a very favorite region mainly due to the old land which means old grapevines which equate to more delicious wine.

3 Wine meme images you’ve got to see!

Do you know what a wine meme is? The internet sure loves its memes. The term “meme” was originally coined by scientist Richard Dawkins to describe an idea or concept that spreads from person to person. Today, we use it a little more informally. A meme on the internet is a shared or sharable post, […]