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Three good reasons to drink non alcoholic wine – honestly!

As a wine lover, it can be difficult to understand why anybody doesn’t drink wine. We’ve all got a friend or family member (or often more than one) that regularly trashes the very idea of wine: “It all tastes the same!”, “It’s too expensive!” or “It’s too pretentious!” are some of the cries that you […]

Does chocolate wine exist?

Wine is one of life’s great pleasures. Between the sight, the smell and the taste, a good glass of wine is a feast for the senses. Another such pleasure can be derived from chocolate. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and everything in between: No doubt, chocolate can offer a little bite of heaven no […]

Champagne flutes: What are they for?

Wine glasses are a whole category to themselves, and can appear quite complicated from the outside. There are a whole host of different shapes and sizes, and the basic idea is that each type of glass will best express a given type of wine.

Rosé wine calories: How do they compare with the rest?

Rosé wine is a summer staple: a well-established favourite when it comes to long, sunny days and vacation. You spend all year working out and eating right, so what could be better than sitting on an idyllic Spanish or French beach, sipping a rosé? Not much, unless you consider that your delicious rosé may have […]

Wine glasses: What to buy and why?

Wine glasses, for many, are just another household item – a necessary cupboard staple no different than a dishcloth, frying pan or can opener. They serve a purpose, your guests expect them, and that’s it. As one begins to develop his or her interest in wine, however, something quite funny happens: Wine glasses become more […]

Why you should own a wine cooler bucket

Do you own a wine cooler bucket? Not many people do, but we think it’s almost essential for any serious wine lover! Maybe you’ve seen wine cooler buckets in bars and restaurants, and they seem pretty useful there. That’s all well and good for a busy establishment serving lots of wine and other beverages to […]

12 Wine puns to use at your next dinner party

The world of wine can be a serious business. In fact, it can be too serious sometimes. Between observing the colour, admiring the aromas, sipping, swirling and spitting, to mention just a few, it’s easy to forget that we drink wine for pleasure – for fun! Too many dinner parties and wine tastings can be […]