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Why Robert Parker is Like a Jedi Master of Wine

If there was a Yoda of wine, it would be Robert Parker. It not that he’s small, green and hairy. He isn’t. Nor talks in inverted syntax does he. Rather, Mr Parker is a hugely respected repository of wine knowledge, and his influence flows through the global industry like a mystical unseen force that changes […]

Make your own vintage wine rack

Storing wine properly is of vital importance, but is often overlooked by wine lovers. It may seem trivial, but this stuff matters: The difference between storing your wine in a vintage wine rack and in your kitchen is vast. We aren’t all sitting on large cellars of old Château Margaux back vintages, but if you are […]

Pinot Meow: 3 reasons to buy wine for your pet

Have you heard of Pinot Meow, the wine for cats? It may sound crazy, but cat wine is real – and surprisingly popular! Unlike the grape wine industry, there is really just one major player in the cat wine world: Apollo Peak. For those you that haven’t heard of Pinot Meow and the other pet […]

Going to Rioja Alta? 3 things you must do and see!

Have you ever been to Rioja Alta? Rioja wine is perhaps Spain’s greatest, and easily its best known export throughout the wine-loving world. Top Rioja brands such as Faustino Rioja, El Coto Rioja and Marqués de Caceres, to name just three, regularly appear in wine stores throughout Europe, America and beyond. Surely you know a […]

Why you should really own some Port wine glasses

Do you own any Port wine glasses? Many people don’t, but we think you should. Wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes, and with good reason: Individual wines have distinctive aromas and characteristics, and certain glasses are better at highlighting these than others. Of course, some wine glasses are more common than others. Cava […]

Why Toro wines just taste better from a Toro glass

Toro wines are some of Spain’s most distinctive reds: Powerful, full-bodied and complex, with intense fruit flavours and grippy tannins. Mostly produced from the Tinta de Toro variety, known elsewhere as Tempranillo, the wines nonetheless have a character that is all their own. Toro wines have a unique profile that is entirely different from other […]

Wine kits: Could they save you money?

We’ve spoken about wine kits before, and let’s just say that we have mixed feelings. For us, wine kits remove quite a lot of the romance inherent in a good bottle of wine: The best wines display a real sense of place, what the French call “terroir”. Wine kits do not offer anything of the […]