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Glug and Giggle with Wine Jokes

Ever noticed you laugh more after a drink? Not only does a little alcoholic lubrication of the funny bone put you in the mood for a good giggle, but the situations that occur around drinking are often quite ridiculous. So pour a glass. Here’s some of the best humour around drinking and wine.

How to make red wine warmer in a hurry

Have you ever had to make red wine warmer? Serving wine at the correct temperature is one of the big challenges in restaurant service, but it’s not something we often think about at home. We tend not to fuss too much about this stuff. Stick the white in the fridge, keep the red on the […]

How many wine glass types do you really need?

Go to any fancy restaurant or formal wine dinner, and the sheer amount of wine glass types can be overwhelming. In fine wine service where several different wines are served, it’s quite common to have several different glass types, too. White wine and red wine are served in different glasses. Some whites are served in […]

What does Premier Cru mean for Sauternes wines?

Sauternes is home to the world’s finest sweet wines. Though it’s part of the Bordeaux region, the wines made here could not be any different from red Bordeaux. The unique wines of Sauternes have their own style, and, appropriately, their own quality ranking. If you’ve ever wondered what a Premier Cru Sauternes is, you’re in […]

What does Grand Cru mean in Bordeaux?

Spend enough time around French wine, and you’ll invariably hear the phrase “Grand Cru”. It sounds good, but it’s often misunderstood. It’s easy to see why: The term itself is French for “great growth”, with “growth” in the natural, agricultural sense of the word. Unfortunately, it’s not simply the case that the best vineyards in […]

7 Wine Sayings That Will Improve Your Life

There’s a lot of wisdom in a bottle of wine. You know that because as you drink, you find yourself musing on all aspects of life, and conversation becomes so much more interesting. Here, we’ve collected 10 of the best wine sayings. They’re drawn from across the wine drinking world, and over the centuries. What […]

You’ve got to visit Aranda de Duero. Here’s why!

Fans of quality Spanish wine will already know about the Ribera del Duero, and its capital city of Aranda de Duero. Wine lovers partial to wine tourism should really consider a trip to this Spanish wine stronghold for their next trip. Located in the Burgos province, Aranda de Duero has a lot to offer for […]

Spain’s Answer to Cupcake Wine

You may have heard of Cupcake Wine. It’s a brand with a certain appeal, but if you regularly drink their wine, you may wonder if you can get the same or better flavours elsewhere. You might even find those alluring notes less expensive somewhere else too. Well, Spain is such a diverse wine region that […]