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Gin & Tonic, separately or together?

Well, however you want, the truth is that together they are one of the few combinations that have a proper name (Gintonic). But let us know a little about the history of these drinks: Johann Jacob Schweppes in 1783 invents an effective system with which to introduce bubbles of carbon dioxide in the water bottled […]

What is a biodynamic wine?

Biodynamic wines are included in the so-called organic wines. However, its production is more complex than any other type of organic product.   It all began in 1924 in present-day Poland, where philosopher Rudolf Steiner, after listening to farmers’ concerns about the fertilizers they were using, proposed a series of changes in agriculture in the […]

Do we like the aromas of a wine?

If you’re reading this, you’re a winelover. And it is for that reason that we are sure that you already know when a wine likes it or not. But we have to remember that the flavors that we really distinguish are very few: Sweet: we find it on the tip of the tongue Acid: on […]

Understanding Pinot Grigio rosé and other pink wines

Have you ever wondered how they make Pinot Grigio rosé? Pinot Grigio wine is white, right? So how can Pinot Grigio rosé be pink? The answer is simpler than you might think, but it’s a good question. We all enjoy a glass of rosé during the summer, but how much do we really know about […]

Drink this instead of Campo Viejo Rioja, thank us later!

Is Campo Viejo Rioja your go-to Spanish red wine? With sales of around two million cases per year, you’re not the only one. Supermarket shelves are full of Campo Viejo wines, from its entry-level Garnacha all the way up through Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva Rioja levels. For many people, Campo Viejo Rioja is their […]

The 5 fine and rare wines any wine lover has to try

How many fine and rare wines does the average wine lover get to try, do you think? Not that many. By definition, fine and rare wines are, well, rare. Most of the best wine in the world is made in such limited quantities that very few of us ever get to taste it.

Ace Your Next Pub Quiz By Learning Champagne Bottle Sizes

You’ll have seen a magnum of champagne. But have you ever heard of a Nebuchadnezzar? There are in fact multiple champagne bottle sizes from the reasonably large to the really quite ridiculous, and their names are the sort of thing that crop up in trivia quizzes. Swatting up now could see your team sail to […]