Often, one would like to drink a glass of wine for dinner, but does this not to avoid that the wine that is left gets spoiled. But this can be avoided! Today we give you four tips how to preserve the characteristics of the wine, and thus do not need to regret having opened a bottle just for you alone.

1. Oxygen is the great enemy for the wine. Use a vacuum pump for wine bottles, this way the wine should last longer.

2. Keep the bottle in a cool place. Low temperatures help for the durability of the wine.

3. Even light is harmful for the wine, so keep it better in a dark place.

4. Do you prefer Cava rather than wine? Here is a simple advice: Do not forget to close the bottles well, so that the bubbles do not disappear, and keep the bottle in the refrigerator.

One cannot say how long it takes a wine to become bad? That depends on many things, such as the conditions we have at home (temperature, lighting conditions, smells …), or just on the product itself. This should not deter you, however, to enjoy a glass of wine, with or without accompaniment.