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How Twitter can teach you about Bordeaux wine

Bordeaux is arguably the centre of the wine world. It spans the entire range of the market, from inexpensive to virtually priceless. Every good wine list in the world has a Bordeaux section, and “Bordeaux” itself is perhaps the most recognisable wine brand there is.

Five Kinds of Sherry for Five Different People

There really is a sherry out there for everyone. You just need to find the style that suits you best, and the occasions in your life. Once you do, a whole world of delicious flavours opens up. So, here’s the profile of five modern sherries for five modern lives, who you might recognise yourself in.

3 Great styles of sweet Spanish wine that you must try

What do you know about sweet Spanish wine? For many wine lovers, their knowledge of sweet wine starts and finishes in France with Sauternes. Some may go a little further and mention Port wine in Portugal. These are great wines, unique and distinctive in their own right. But they only tell a little bit of […]

Make your own vintage wine rack

Storing wine properly is of vital importance, but is often overlooked by wine lovers. It may seem trivial, but this stuff matters: The difference between storing your wine in a vintage wine rack and in your kitchen is vast. We aren’t all sitting on large cellars of old Château Margaux back vintages, but if you are […]

Introducing grower Champagne – and why you should care!

Champagne is the world’s finest sparkling wine. Luxury Champagne labels command eye-watering prices, and the big brands are known far and wide. Massive Champagne houses like Moët & Chandon, Louis Roederer and Pommery dominate the market. The big Maisons de Champagne rule the roost, but they’re not the only game in town: Grower Champagne is […]

Verdelho and Verdejo: What’s the difference?

“Verdelho” and “Verdejo” sound strikingly similar, but are they the same? You may know either (or both) terms from reading wine labels, but how much do you really know? Is “Verdelho” just another word for “Verdejo”, or is there more to it? Browsing wine shops or online wine sites, you might have come across a […]

3 French wines that Monte Real Rioja fans will love

Monte Real Rioja is a range of top Rioja wines produced by Bodegas Riojanas. The range covers Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva styles, among others. Along with other well-established names like Baron de Ley Rioja and Ramon Bilbao Rioja, Monte Real is one of Spain’s most popular exports. Though we love Rioja – and Spanish […]