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The magic of Priorat

July 21, 2016

doc priorat

When we open a bottle of wine of Priorat, a different magic surrounds us. If we pour, smell and taste this wine, we feel the whole magic that transfers to our bodies. But where does this magic come from? The Priory contains in its landscape and in its vineyards a mystery, and the result is… Read more »

Why is the disgorging so important

June 1, 2016


Disgorging is one of the most important processes in the production of a sparkling wine (both, Cava and Champagne), and that are made with the traditional method (Champagne method). In this process, the second fermentation is carried out in the bottle, the wine remains in contact with its own yeast, this adds a fantastic range… Read more »

Albet i Noya renews the image of its ‘Classics’: now ‘Curiosos’

May 17, 2016

albet i noya curiosos

The winery Albet i Noya presented a new range of wines: ‘Curiosos‘, which is the new image of a wine family formerly known as ‘Classics‘. After a great deal of design and re-design, the winery has finally opted for the name ‘Curious’ in order to express one of its vital ‘mantras’, the curiosity to do… Read more »

Juan Carlos and his “love” for Artadi

April 6, 2016

Juan Carlos and his "love" for Artadi

Lately at Artadi life is a bit difficult … David against Goliath. What for Juan Carlos López de La Calle, the owner of Artadi, and his famlie confront with  political problems, paperwork and legal proceedings? It seems logical that a small winemaker like he who has very solid criteria and values, dos not always agree… Read more »