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Garnacha: second most important grape in Spanish wines

The historical discredit in Spain of Grenache grape is far removed. The reason why it was considered a minor grape was because it was appreciated as a grape used for blending wine and, although it still in many cases fulfils this function of blending with other wines, great wines have been obtained from this grape. […]

Brief introduction to Australian wines

A few years ago, Australian wines were perfect unknown for the rest of the world, they were only consumed domestically, a factor that has changed radically in recent years, as Australia has become one of the undisputed leaders in the world. It is currently the fourth largest exporter in the world, behind countries with a […]

Gin & Tonic, separately or together?

Well, however you want, the truth is that together they are one of the few combinations that have a proper name (Gintonic). But let us know a little about the history of these drinks: Johann Jacob Schweppes in 1783 invents an effective system with which to introduce bubbles of carbon dioxide in the water bottled […]

What is a biodynamic wine?

Biodynamic wines are included in the so-called organic wines. However, its production is more complex than any other type of organic product.   It all began in 1924 in present-day Poland, where philosopher Rudolf Steiner, after listening to farmers’ concerns about the fertilizers they were using, proposed a series of changes in agriculture in the […]

Do we like the aromas of a wine?

If you’re reading this, you’re a winelover. And it is for that reason that we are sure that you already know when a wine likes it or not. But we have to remember that the flavors that we really distinguish are very few: Sweet: we find it on the tip of the tongue Acid: on […]

Surprise yourself with the Alella wines!

Alella is a relatively small wine region (only 227 hectares) located at the north of Barcelona and where the wines produced, mainly white wines, are clean, crystalline … and extraordinary! The most significant characteristic of Alella is the existence of “sauló”, a sandy soil of granite origin and practically white color that has a great […]

Mencia grape: you can not imagine how good it can be

Luckily, in Spain we have a wide biodiversity that allows us to enjoy countless wines. One of the grapes that is developing an extraordinary potential lately is the Mencia, so today we are going to talk a little about it.   Mencia grape Located in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, the Mencia is a […]

Try a Spanish Barbecue this Summer!

There are so many reasons to have a Spanish barbecue. The main one is that Spanish weather beats every other kind of weather in the whole of the rest of Europe. Of course unfortunately, Spanish sunshine isn’t available in the shops. Yet all the other components of a great Spanish barbecue are – like the […]